Friday 29 May 2009


Okay seriously the more I read about dogs - more particularly English Bull Terriers - the more I want one. I love the intelligent look in their eyes, the beautiful colourings, and I think they look so handsome. I mean it. I know that they are difficult dogs but when I'm older, and if I ever move out to the countryside, and... stop working because I'm a millionaire or something, then I'll buy a English Bull Terrier and give it all the exercise and attention and special food it ever could need.

Picture is from Wikipedia.

I want a black one though, or cream. Or mix. Or any kind, they are so pretty!

Listening to: Roxy Music - Avalon (I think it's time to clean up my playlist.)

Thursday 28 May 2009

totally gay

Been reading some about Moomin, as in the gay icon. Or maybe the gay icon Tove Jansson. Read this very interesting article on the subject (it's in Swedish though). I've know for ages about Tove Jansson being gay (and also an anarchist) and the character Tooticky being based on her partner Tuulikki Pietilä, but she is one of my favourite authors and always interesting.

So thing of the day is:
  • All of Tove Jansson's books. I read some of her adult books and I love them, and I would love to read all of them, and I would love to read all of them repeatedly.
  • The Arabia Moomin-mugs (and bowls), specifically Tooticky and "Thingumy and Bob" as Tofslan and Vifslan is mysteriously translated to (Tofslan is Tove and Vifslan is a girlfriend - not Tuulikki but Viveca Bandel), Moominpappan (Moomindad) and last but not least Snufkin - Snusmumriken.

Ah yes. I have also been spending a lot of time looking at pictures of small, cute, yappy-type dogs. The cuteness. It devours.

Oh well, back to work.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

what I know and what I believe

I had a kinda shitty day today, in ways. I look a bit like Hulk Hogan from a kinda maybe not supergreat dye last night (redoing it in a couple of days though) and woke up when I was supposed to leave with a mad throatache. Everything went wrong all morning.

But work was extremely slow so I survived. Went to buy some food after and went home to cook it. Unfortunately I kinda failed the cooking! Me! The food wizard! Yes. Too bad. Shit happens. Joe smiled and said "It tasted great darling" and I don't believe him for a second but I do appreciate it and I like it so when he calls me darling.

At the same time this double feeling. Right underneath the happiness, worry, anger, sadness. Feels shitty.But I'll get over it, because I don't want this weight. I don't want that again. But the memory is clear as daylight, the memory of the pain. The anger is close. 

But I won't get angry. I'm unforgiving this once but I don't want to fall back into that darkness. Let you forget... Sure. Whatever. I'll forget.

Maybe I should forgive? For my own sanity's sake? Or maybe I should just try to not think about it? Because the more I do the angrier I become. Don't want that, don't need that, not now, not ever.

So how about I do the dishes now?

Listening to: Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone (spotify)

Tuesday 26 May 2009


I admit it, it's a bit... unhealthy, how many t-shirts I have, and how many more I am likely to purchase. Here is the t-shirt of the day. I love zombies, t-shirts and A Softer World so this tee is so totally made for me. Wow.

The project of my hair is going good! Going to bleach it big time today. Hoping for white, but it's probably going to be more yellow. I'm having dinner with Ida as well. I did yesterday too. And Johan, we had indian, at Indian Palace, and I think it's my favourite indian place so far actually. Then we watched In Bruges which is so good I could cry. Smart, funny, beautiful... it has everything a movie needs and if it was a person I would fall in love and elope with it. It's like the perfect film. Really. I loved it the first time I saw it about a year ago, but I loved it even more the second time. Think I'll see it again, soon.

Wasting my lunchbreak now... But since I'm working the early shift I'm not really hungry yet, and also I have no lunch and no cash on me, so getting food would require more effort than it's worth. I'll grab a sandwich later or something.

Listening to: Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Men Va Fanken

Sunday 24 May 2009


Someone who hurt me a lot apologized today. I did'nt forgive him but still. Big surprise really. I'll never ever trust him again and I honestly don't want him in my life, but I do appreciate that he apologized.

More relevant to your interests: I'm going to Electric Picnic with Tall&Handsome (or Joe as I call him in reality) in august. We had a great weekend - on saturday he came over and mocked me a bit for being so hungover and gave me hugs and we watched Mighty Boosh, and then we went out for a walk in the sunshine, and had lunch at Quay Co-op. On saturday night we had a big work dinner with SHC, my old department that closed down. I had great pizza at Milano, we went to Crane Lane and had lot's of fun and met lot's of fun people and it was great. Lot's of fun and dancing and wooo, and Joe came there with his friend, and we had fun.

Today we went for a long long walk (and I was'nt hungover at all! Miraculous!) and we had hamburgers at Eddie Rockets.

The sun has been shining madly and I even got a little color! (In my case the color is pink and it's gone by tomorrow but still.)

I finished cutting my hair and I'm very happy with my short result. I'll try to upload a picture some time soon. Also I just paid for Spotify, so Dad - I got your invite now, if you still want it. 

Listening to: Maskinen - not on Spotify, because it's lagging so much it's impossible to use. Great. Well, it might get better, or I'll unsubscribe, or I just have to let the songs load before I listen to them... For about twice as long as it actually takes to play them. Crap.

Saturday 23 May 2009

good times

Theres this game. You're supposed to bluff. The whole game is about putting a card on the table, face down, and say that is is a certain card, and if the opponent does not believe you he or she can look at the card. And if you where bluffing you have to drink. And if it's true the opponent drinks.

Now Tall&Handsome grew up playing poker. I did'nt. He masters the art of the pokerface. I master the art of getting shitfaced. 

Playing this game against someone who has the pokerface of kings might be a bad idea. We finished one and a half bottle of disgusting liqourish vodka.

My head hurts.

Listening to: Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

Tuesday 19 May 2009

holy crap

This is so extremely scary. It's going to give me nightmares. Insects and zombies. Both really scary. Thanks

In other news I painted a painting for Sandra M today. I finish abstracts way quicker than non-abstracts. Also I loose track of time and all of a sudden it's really late. So no more writing now.

Listening to: Philemon Arthur and the Dung - Den Sista Veckan

Thursday 14 May 2009

still got so very far to go

I get so mad at myself when I'm late for work. I'm going to start waking up an hour earlier. Really. From now on. So yeah, that's five o'clock. In the morning.

But I'm not going to be late anymore.

I had a really bad day today, but then I took a walk with Hannah at lunch and talked a lot about everything that made me mad and now I feel a lot better. That's a great thing. That I can talk about stuff and then feel better about them. I'm happy about that.

So me and Tall&Handsome cancelled the Dingle-plans, we're going to the film festival instead. It seems great! Yay!

Been scribbling a lot, trying to come up with some kind of childrens book character. So far i think I could call that book "stranger danger" 'cause all of the characters I draw look bloody scary.

If I had a scanner I would scan them for the world to see. Yes indeed.

Back to work.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

better, better, better

I worked today and it was alright. Fell asleep the moment i came home. Woke up after a couple of hours, vacuumed, made some not great food. Spent a couple of hours chillin, talking to mom, talking to Sandra, talking to Tall&Handsome over the phone about our trip this weekend, booking bnb, deleting stuff from my mp3-player, watched youtube-videos, read stuff, ate the not so great food, blah blah. I'm in a generally good mood. I won over the flu, I survived work, I'm going away with Tall&Handsome this weekend. Good stuff.

He got double points yesterday for dropping by and watching a movie with me. Men of the world: you think your flu's are horrible, but so are ours! We might not need taking care of (I don't anyways... Not from any guy. Maria takes care of me.) but company and hugs are allways appreciated.

Well, we're going to Dingle, or to a short film festival, if we can get tickets. Seems like the weather will be a bit crappy so it might be a good idea.

Damn... Now it's almost ten o'clock. To late to wash the floors. I'll have to do it tomorrow. Damn.

Listening to: Laleh. Like four or five tracks on repeat. *love*

Monday 11 May 2009

in bed

Left work after sneezing so much I couldn't concentrate on the calls anymore... Also feeling a bit feverish and dizzy. And yeah, generally cold. 

Just saw the season finale of Dollhouse and man do I wish they'll make a second season! Yesterday I saw Star Trek with Tall&Handsome and it was great! Totally loved it! Spent the evening with Ida watching Good Will Hunting... And today I am, as mentioned, home, in bed, with lemsip.

Should try to make myself some lunch.

Listening to: Beck - Everybody's gotta learn sometimes

Sunday 10 May 2009

in the land of faraway

Wow, dad, of all the things to focus on in that last post... I still can't invite anyone to Spotify. Further I can't even use it anymore. Just buy it if you want it.

So the weekend has been interesting and fun! Amalie is allways great to hang out with. 

Listening to: Leonard Cohen

Tuesday 5 May 2009

a man

Oh I don't remember feeling this good about feeling romantic feelings in years. It's fun. Tall and Handsome really seems like a good guy. Good stuff. 

Amalie is coming here in a few days and I'm looking forward to that so much. Friday is the last day that SHC is taking calls and we're all going out that night. I bought a new dress.

I had lot's of stuff in mind that I was going to write but now I'm really tired so I wont. But I'll tell you one thing before falling asleep: I am now reachable at my Swedish number as well as my Irish one. Aint that something.

Listening to: Zoro, the Spotify find of the day.