Monday 23 November 2009

winter chocolate spice

Oh my, today has been quite a heavy day. I could go to sleep right away. Maybe I will?

First: here are some pictures of the decadent delicious winter chocolate spice cupcakes I made yesterday. Chocolate cupcakes with spices and chunks of spicy chocolate, with chocolate icing and a piece of spicy chocolate on top. Yum!

Listening to: Boney by Jack Shit from the album Rogues Gallery (and on my playlist) on Spotify.

Sunday 22 November 2009

cake day cake

Yeah, here's some pics of the cupckes I brought to work on friday - not good pics I'm afraid, but the cupcakes where very good.

They're made with strawberries and dark chocolate chips. Delicious and popular. I love cupcakes! I love making them and eating them and giving them to people who feed my ego by liking them too.

Listening to: My chill playlist on Spotify.

Friday 20 November 2009

In three minutes the last work hour of this week begins. One hour and three minutes untill freedom and maybe some wine. And dinner I guess. Good stuff! I had the sugar buzz of a lifetime all morning and didn't come down untill after lunch when reality caught up with me... Something happens on monday that I'm really not looking forward to.

But in the meantime I'm yarnsurfing! (Yes I really should be working I know but my brain... it just wants to think about knittitng...) Right now I'm knitting a hat for someone special but I really want to make something like the big red... scarf? Blanket? That I found on the start page of BodhiYarn. (Have a look at the recycled silks!)

I also have lot's of other ideas spinning around in my head, and a lot of requests as well. Mom, friends, friends of friends ask me to knit things for them. But that someone special I mentioned is on the top of my list, and I think I'm on second myself. I have enough yarn and projects to last untill christmas and then I hope I have a sewing machine!

Oh knitting... It's the best. If only World of Warcraft was more boring!

Also the best: Cupcakes. So easypeasy and so much fun! It's like... I could make them every day just for the fun of it! Icing and sprinkles and yummy fillings and so much niceness. I made a batch last night for cake friday (I finally felt ready to start this fabulous tradition here at my new job) wich was very appreciated! I think I might even upload a few pics and recipe if you are all nice and well behaved. Mmmmm... Strawberries and dark chocolate...

Well well, back to work.

Thursday 19 November 2009

swing it

So I've got mood swings now. Don't really know why, but I've got reasons to be happy and reasons to be sad. When I'm happy everything is good and nice and when I'm sad I feel all alone and very very small.

I really hate feeling so sad. But there's too much for just one Cookie to carry all alone. I feel like I'm trapped in a maze. Alone and confused in the dark.

Listening to: Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (What?)

EDIT - Why is blogger so annoying when it comes to fontsizes and stuff?

Wednesday 18 November 2009

hey now

Well this just won't do now will it? No it won't. I have been writing about lot's of different things in this blog but now I'm not writing anything at all. This is because I don't do much mostly. And what I do isn't very interesting.

But I miss blogging and I have so much interesting thoughts in my head now!

So I'll start sharing some inspirations and ideas instead of stories from my life. I have lots of ideas but not so much life. Haha. (Okay to be honest I'm playing a lot of world of warcraft. I'm level 27!)

I have done something though, on sunday! I went to dinner at my grandparents and it was so great! My uncle and aunt and cousins where there and we had really good chicken casserole and it was lovely meeting them all! I was very happy!

I'm happy otherwise too.

Soon I'll start sharing all my crafty projects, baking, knitting and so on. And pictures. And ideas and dreams and plans and inspirations. Now I guess I have to get back to work.

Oh first, my old friend Tom is in town!! It's gonna be great to see him! Oh and last night I cut my hair again. Now it's just like it was this spring. I'll try to get a picture.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

deep breaths

My eyes are hurting and breathing is difficult cause my nose is stuffy and I'm so so tired... And I'm afraid and confused and I feel like a small peice of dirt sometimes.

But mostly I'm happy and I when I fall asleep at night I think about this one beautiful thing; he loves me.

Listening to: not Spotify as it is not functioning at work anymore. Oh my brain. It is also not very much functioning.

Monday 9 November 2009

life goes on

I've been having the most annoying cold ever. It just wont go away. I feel better now but I'm still sneezing and I have a sore nose from blowing it too much.

Working, or resting, or making muffins, or cooking, or playing WoW, or watching movies, or knitting has been taking up my time.

Also: Love.