Saturday 12 March 2016

Poop brain

Sometimes depression feels like a mental upset stomach. You ate something bad and now your guts are telling you about it big time. But mentally. Like you had a bad experience and now your mind is either refusing to let go, just getting completely mentally constipated, however you try to get these thoughts out of your head it won't work at all, it just hurts and doesn't get better. Or your mind is going a bit nuts, expelling random feelings explosively. There's a steep pressure build up and then you can't hold it in anymore, you explode in rage or sadness and it feels horrible and afterwards you're weak and tired and feel a little bit gross.

Saturday 5 March 2016

One year

A couple of days ago me and my lovely darling had our one year anniversary, we celebrated by being ill! Yay! Now it's the weekend and we're still both pretty crappy. But we love each other and take care of each other and cuddle extra much, as usual.

Being physically weak always makes me super sensitive and moody, and I end up thinking too much about small trivial things from my past. I think my shrink would have told me to be okay with thinking about difficult stuff but I really don't want to! So I end up listening to audio books, watching movies and TV shows and playing tons of games (especially the super cute Seabeard!) to drown out my thoughts.

While listening to books (the Joona Linna-books by Kepler and Mists of Avalon By Marion Zimmer Bradley) I've been knitting on a brioche scarf and matching mittens for a friend (who asked AGES ago), spinning yarn (as always) and drawing a LOT! And trying (again) to learn some Photoshop! Very rewarding and fun. Definitely balances up my sadness and moodiness a bit.

In a couple of weeks it's time for me to finally fix my tooth, an anesthesiologist has been booked and I will be in a drug-induced sleep during the procedure. It's super expensive so all of march will be in super-saving-mode. No excesses. But in a couple of months we're going to Stockholm! I'm so incredibly exited, it's not completely final yet but we're pretty sure we can make it. That means I might get to see my friend's play about Ayn Rand AND the Vivian Maier exhibition! And of course hug some of my favourite people on the planet! Yay!