Tuesday 23 August 2016


You smile at a stranger with a cute dog. They don't smile back.

You call somewhere. A clinic perhaps. They say that someone will call you back shortly. They never do.

You're waiting to cross the street. The light switches to green. Before you're half way over it's red again.

You speak to a shopkeeper while being a woman. They are rude and unwilling to answer any questions.

You lie in your bed at night. You're trying to sleep. Outside your window people are screaming or singing. It's late at night on a Tuesday. A motorcycle drives past, the motor is very loud.

You exit your apartment. The stairwell stinks of cigarette smoke, piss and beer. 

You want to sort your garbage. You want to throw paper and plastic in separate bins. You cannot. There is only one bin.

You want to go out and do something fun without drinking. You cannot. There is nothing else than pubs.

You want to eat at a restaurant, but you don't want to eat meat. You cannot.