Monday 21 April 2008


How I wish you were here now. (Pink Floyd say it best.)

So yes. He has come and gone, and it's less then a week ago but it's a different life, a different reality and it feels like so long. I miss him. More now then before. It's a bit scary but mostly... I just miss him.

Thursday 10 April 2008

Let the music play

Still at home, in my bed. No appetite, feeling nauseous, head hurting. (Stomach aching, throat so swollen I can hardly swallow, etcetera.)

The worst part is that my mood is always affected by being ill. I'm extremely moody and easely affected by any little thing. So this means small things can make me happy, but equally small thing can send me raging.

So let's focus on good stuff. Yesterday I, as mentioned, spent a big part of the day talking to Afrika/Johan on msn. He enlightened me with some great music! For instance Jill Scott. Thanks! So yeah, music. (Natasja, Mr. Vegas, Boss Hoss and The Grouch as well.)

Apart from that theres been some ups and downs. And oh! Yesterday, late at night, there was a big fight just outside my window. Scary as hell. I called the Garda (the police, that is) (on 911 for some reason, wich I don't think is their real number but hey! It worked). They came here in about three minutes and tore the two young men apart. (One of them took his t shirt off to exhibit some wound or something. Instant foregiveness from me - he was hot!)

There's way to much on my mind. Feelings, money, guilt, sex, food, things, promises... F*ck all. I'm going back to sleep.

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Fel låt vann!

(The wrong song won)
In Iceland. This song is clearly the best song ever. I'm not even going to link to the winning song. Because it sucks.

Anyway, home from work. Not well. Daddy wrote to tell me that there are two new lambs. I'm talking to Afrika/Johan on msn, trading youtube links.

Doing my best not to throw up.

Went to bed on time last night. Slept for ten hours.

Feeling nervous, confused, don't know why. Or I know but I don't understand, really.

I think too much, I know.

Monday 7 April 2008

Wooo is me!

I got next wednesday off. I am extremely tired, as it is monday morning, but I am also happy.

And also, I'm going to move over to the swedish side. No longer will I be all alone on the danish side, with nothing but my memories of Amalie. So yay.

Sunday 6 April 2008


Again, a week flew by without blogging at all. I think you will survive, dear readers. So the week was quick. I was extremely tired after sitting up almost every night, talking on msn to this guy that I really like. So most days I was very tired. The weekend came, friday was fun, Shelbourne, Tom Barry's and Crane Lane. Met interesting people, had a good time. Ate tacofries. Fell asleep late, woke up after thirteen hours. Five in the evening. I cleaned the house a little and then we went to Ida and Hannah's place for cocktails... Many cocktails. And shots. We went out a bit to late, but found an afterparty. Not so much to say about it. Some of the girls might have done some silly things, but most of all we had a lot of fun. At least I did.

Today I have been extremely lazy. Woke up at eleven, have really not done anyting at all. I should continue cleaning. Really. But I'm so tired. I should make some dinner as well.

And oh yeah. He's coming here. It makes me happy. He makes me happy. I just really hope I can get a couple of days of when he comes.

So yeah, tacofries, tequila, high heels, party. Fancy hairdo. Lots of boys showed me a lot of interest. One emo-looking guy who always hang around trying to work up the confidence to talk to me actually managed to tell me he found me very attractive. Better then last time, when he told me he had seen me before, wich I find isn't a very good pickup line. It's a bit of a boost, to have those weekends where you just seem to look fantastic. You get drunk without making a fool of yourself. You receive compliments.

I think it's the shoes. Sara's high heels. My god. Best looking shoes ever.

My mind was elsewhere. No one caught my interest at all.

I'm importing people. Viola is going to start working at my job in may. It's awesome. Johan is going to be interviewed sometime this week.