Tuesday 13 October 2009

oh my

Uhm, what? Oh! Hi! I didn't forget you, I promise, I just had to much going on to stop and tell you about it.

So uhm yeah... I've been in Sweden for two and a half weeks now! And I love it. I love it so much. I miss English Market and Maria and Eva House and Hannah and... Vibes and Scribes and... Cork Coffee Roasters maybe... Not so much more though.

I don't have much to tell about the last couple of weeks though, even if I've been really busy. Been moving in to a new tiny apartment with a view over the whole world. Been hanging out with some cool people (of wich two are very short). Been working at my new job! I like it!

Been very happy. Wish I could tell you more.

Listening to: Gwen Stefani on Spotify