Sunday 24 May 2009


Someone who hurt me a lot apologized today. I did'nt forgive him but still. Big surprise really. I'll never ever trust him again and I honestly don't want him in my life, but I do appreciate that he apologized.

More relevant to your interests: I'm going to Electric Picnic with Tall&Handsome (or Joe as I call him in reality) in august. We had a great weekend - on saturday he came over and mocked me a bit for being so hungover and gave me hugs and we watched Mighty Boosh, and then we went out for a walk in the sunshine, and had lunch at Quay Co-op. On saturday night we had a big work dinner with SHC, my old department that closed down. I had great pizza at Milano, we went to Crane Lane and had lot's of fun and met lot's of fun people and it was great. Lot's of fun and dancing and wooo, and Joe came there with his friend, and we had fun.

Today we went for a long long walk (and I was'nt hungover at all! Miraculous!) and we had hamburgers at Eddie Rockets.

The sun has been shining madly and I even got a little color! (In my case the color is pink and it's gone by tomorrow but still.)

I finished cutting my hair and I'm very happy with my short result. I'll try to upload a picture some time soon. Also I just paid for Spotify, so Dad - I got your invite now, if you still want it. 

Listening to: Maskinen - not on Spotify, because it's lagging so much it's impossible to use. Great. Well, it might get better, or I'll unsubscribe, or I just have to let the songs load before I listen to them... For about twice as long as it actually takes to play them. Crap.

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