Wednesday 13 May 2009

better, better, better

I worked today and it was alright. Fell asleep the moment i came home. Woke up after a couple of hours, vacuumed, made some not great food. Spent a couple of hours chillin, talking to mom, talking to Sandra, talking to Tall&Handsome over the phone about our trip this weekend, booking bnb, deleting stuff from my mp3-player, watched youtube-videos, read stuff, ate the not so great food, blah blah. I'm in a generally good mood. I won over the flu, I survived work, I'm going away with Tall&Handsome this weekend. Good stuff.

He got double points yesterday for dropping by and watching a movie with me. Men of the world: you think your flu's are horrible, but so are ours! We might not need taking care of (I don't anyways... Not from any guy. Maria takes care of me.) but company and hugs are allways appreciated.

Well, we're going to Dingle, or to a short film festival, if we can get tickets. Seems like the weather will be a bit crappy so it might be a good idea.

Damn... Now it's almost ten o'clock. To late to wash the floors. I'll have to do it tomorrow. Damn.

Listening to: Laleh. Like four or five tracks on repeat. *love*

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