Tuesday 10 February 2009


Maximum points at resolve! Yessss... 
(Note: That's only funny for roleplaying nerds. All you others: Ha!)

I am getting better. I am getting happier. I think the writing helps. I'm climbing back up again. Getting back on my feet. Feels good. 

Or; I'm becoming myself again.

I listen to Great Lake Swimmers because they are great. (Lake swimmers. Ha!)

Gym: good. Half ass diet: good. Hair: good. Dreams: good! Not painful, cutting through me like ice and glass and needles. Not making me empty, weak. Now I'm back to dreams of traveling, dreams of seeing the world, dreams of meeting a lot of interesting people there. Or more modest dreams, of returing to a place that used to be my home, seeing all the friends I miss so much, seeing my sisters and brothers and my mother and father and my uncles and aunts and cousins and grandparents and second cousins and great granparents and so on. A lot of people to see in a short little while, but it will probably be around easter. 

Lund... the thought of the city where I have lived since my childhood but never really felt welcome is intriguing; so much has changed since I left but the real difference is that I can think about it with warm, happy thoughts. There are so many people there I want to see. I'm very much looking forward to spending a few days there. 

Oh yeah; I named my new 500 gb harddrive: Ernst Hugo. 

And tonight, in just an hour or so, Maria comes home from a weekend in Sweden with powder snow and family. But I'll be asleep by then. Even now my eyelids are getting heavy.

Tonight was Chinese and Disney with Ida. The Sword in the Stone. Great. Now seriously; bedtime.

Listening to: Uhm, guess? Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine (the glaciers made you and now youre mine...)

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