Wednesday 11 February 2009

in case of zombies

I might spend to much time planning for the coming* Zombie apocalypse. Today I came to the conclusion that our beloved home would be way to hard to protect. But I thought of someting: Tesco. It has all we would need to survive, and it would be protectable, as long as we could barricade off the entrance (all the way up to where free sushi-guy is standing, across from the candle shop). 

On the other hand, I think that spending to much time planning for the coming Zombie apocalypse is impossible. 

Three things are vital: weapons, some kind of hiding place (easily protected, food, shelter etc.) and knowledge of how the Zombies function. Primary sences, easiest ways of killing them, re-animationing functions, etc. Guns are hard to come by, and I don't know how to use them. I would go for an axe, or a shovel.

In case of vampires: go "Oh sparkly!" and have some sexual tension and you'll be fine... (Sure, sure, I'll admit. I am a huge Twilight fan. Read all four books in five days or so. And then bought them. Sure, sure.) (Go Team Jacob!)

In case of Supervillains: Call for Captain Hammer

Next saturday I'm having a party. A masquerade. I was really happy about it but lot's of people just go "Oh, c'mon, annoying, I hate maquerades, that sucks" so I'm kinda really doing my best to keep up the feeling of YAY... Pretty hard. So far only three people are leaving town though. 

If they don't want to, why cant they just shut the **** up about it and not come? Why are people so inconsiderate? 

Whatever, nevermind. I'm getting drunk in funny makeup. Even if I'm doing it on my own. (I'm not though, there are some people in this town who appreciate a party, even though they have to think a little...)

Pretty good day today, all in all. I moved, at work, for the last time, and now I am in my final seat. (Not in the dying way, I'm just not moving around anymore.) Worked one hour overtime. Ate chicken for dinner. 

Listening to: Shashkin (Hefner remix) - Omar Faruk Tekbilek (From the album Back to mine: The Voodoo Sessions)


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