Saturday 7 February 2009

me, me, me

Well, to me, I am quite interesting. And if you read this, you must think I'm interestin in some way, at least a little, so here comes more ranting about my hair; (by the way, thank you Ida for listening to me talking about myself - more accurately my hair - for two or three hours, and thanks for all the honest input!)

Step one and two is done now. I cut it just a little bit, barely enough for it to be visible, but enough to make it less torn, bigger and curlier. And I changed the colour slightly. From a deeper, darkish red to a more... carroty orange. Quite bright. I love it so far. 

Yesterday, after work, me and Olof made wok and watched Resident Evil. Today me and Ida hung out and had sirloin steak, and watched Disney's Brother Bear.

But most of all I'm googling hairstyles.

Listening to: Avishai Cohen - Smash (from the album Contiuo)

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