Thursday 19 February 2009

new stuff

So you might have noticed the new title... I realized that I don't feel like a stranger any more. Most of the people I got to know when I came here are gone, and most of the people who came here after me are gone too, and I don't feel like a newcomer at all anymore. I know the streets by name, I know obsure little restaurants and shops, they know me by name in some of them...

And through all that has happened to me I feel different, stronger than before. Hence the change of one little letter. A subtle yet very important difference.

I am still stranger than many others though, in their eyes. "You are so strange" is something I hear every day.

And I feel that it's pretty important to remember to try to keep my attitude a bit positive at the moment, since everything feels a bit heavier, for some reason.

As most people might know the word "blog" comes from "web-logg", a way for internet nerds to tell other internet nerds what they're up to on the web. In that great tradition I thought I would share some interesting stuff with you!

This wonderful picture blog has captivated my interest most of the morning. And now I want to see Asia in general, and Thailand in particular, even more than before.

This absurd recipe doesn't really sound strange at all once you read it through... Actually, it sounds very nice... The bacon trend on the internet right now is really flourishing. Also, as a lover of ice cream above all other sweet things, I want, no need an ice cream machine, now! Please please please! Doesn't go too well with the lchf-lifestyle though. Or... Frozen yoghurt should work. But it's not really the same...

As so many other's I've gotten stuck on "Heja Abbe", a Swedish blog about a little boy born with a heart problem, written by his devoted and loving father. Very close to tears a number of times, as I follow Abbe's first couple of years through operations, medicines, hospitals, specialists and pain but also trips to the beach and the joys of family life at it's best.

Now I'ts lunchtime! Leftover's from last nights Peking Duck (one of my lchf-exeptions... only three times a week isn't a very creative idea).

Listening to: 16 Horsepower - Straw foot

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