Saturday 28 February 2009


Like... So much good stuff all at once

So still in bed, watching movies and eating raisins and playing Heroes of Might and Magic and feeling a bit sorry for myself. But resting is good for me. Physically as well as mentally. And even though last night sonded like enormous amounts of fun and something that I really would have wanted to experience (three people's last day-beer-thingy) I think that taking it easy is very good for me, in so many ways. Economic as well as the before mentioned.

Crossroads was completely wonderful, and Punch-Drunk love was as far from "an Adam Sandler-movie" you can possibly come while still having Adam Sandler in the movie... Sweet and romantic and touching and not at all the usual idiotic crap he usually acts in. I can't stand that stuff, really, but Punch-Drunk Love is something else. Watch it. Do it now. You will not regret it. Watch it! I'm serious! It has wonderful Emily Watson in it as well.

Time for pills! And probably some painting! And then the third episode of Dollhouse!

Listening to: Deep Forest (complete discography on shuffle)

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