Saturday 14 February 2009


It's friday night and I'm doing nothing... Exept staying up a bit late. Crazy.

Thinking a lot about people that mean much to me. Wondering how old friends are doing. 

It's a weird feeling... The night is silent, dark and still. Words are few and far apart. Things change somewhere else, somwhere else life goes on. I feel like I'm underwater, looking up - everything is distorted. Far away. 

Out of reach.

I still don't think I could have done anything differently. I regret nothing. 

Only... I have changed too. My dreams have changed. I have realized what really matters.

It's not blinding passion. It's not suffering, consumed by fire. It's something else. Something in the shadows. Something that grows slowly. Something strong, forever lost.

Enjoying the silence. Breathing. Calm.

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