Thursday 5 February 2009


Anyway I'm thinking about a haircut. Unlike most times I changed my hair I will not just get the idea and cut it of two minutes later without any plan or thoughts of the results whatsoever. This time I'm seriously sketching, looking at old photos of myself in different haircuts and looking at pictures of a lot of other people in different haircuts.

I am trying to be honest to myself and I know that just because I looked better when I was thin (mostly because of poverty) and had shorter hair at the same time that does not mean I will look good just because I cut my hair... So I'm going to start working out and dieting as well. If I'm lucky, maybe my face will get it's old shape back. (Like on the picture right here on the blog, from may 2007. Young and ... well, honestly, very drunk.)

Trying to decide on starting to go to some gym or just go back to running... My hips are almost recovered now! Okay, it will suck to wake up at five just to have time... But still. I can't believe that running will mess my body up, humans are supposed to do that! Without breaking.

But back to my hair. It's really more trouble that fun right now, since it's so damn long and thick. I buy so extremely much shampoo and conditioner, and it takes ages to wash, and even more ages to dry. So I'm thinking about either half-short, like a bob or so (kinda like on the picture) and a little blonder (or maybe darker) than now, or very short, mohawk-ish, spiky, very bright blond or maybe yellow/orange/red or something like that.

Time for lunch now.

Listening to: The Be Good Tanyas - Out of the Wilderness

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