Monday 20 October 2008

sitting in bed

...eating Hongkong style sweet and sour chicken with noodles from the Chinese takeaway around the corner. The sun is setting, the air goes blue, everything feels more distant.

My leg hurts like shit. I guess from the running. So no more untill it stops hurting.

Today has been a shitty day. Everyone has been in a grumpy mood at work. I have been so tired I almost felt depressed, and it's not really better now, exept that I'm home, wich is good.

Well, I'm not depressed. I'm happy actually. Beneath the shitty mood. Happy to have friends that I can trust even though the situation is kinda rough on us both. Happy that I have the complete Nirvana discography. Happy that we're going to IKEA in just a couple of weeks.

This morning I realized I'm going back to Sweden on thursday. I kinda thought it was next week. I don't really want to go back again so soon, as might have mentioned, especially since I wont be going south at all. Well, I'm going to stay with Emilia for a night or two and I really look forward to late nights of talking and maybe playing some cards.

Now for some more food before I clean the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. And play some wow.

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