Tuesday 14 October 2008

summary of tuesday

Did you know that Jack Nicholson has a pretty good singing voice? He does a pretty special version of La Vie en Rose. Parts of it in french. Oh yes.

Today has not been good or bad. Work was alright, Maria was home with some kind of flu or such (don't think it was the same one as I had but who knows the ways of flus) but we were'nt really flooded with calls, no two hour router calls, nothing bad.

I came home and played some wow, had dinner, played some more. Kind of half hearted. Mostly ran around feeling clueless. Now I'm really tired, wich is a very good thing since I've had some problems making myself go to bed at night, as returning readers might have already understood. Now it's ten thirty and I'm gonna go brush my teeth.

Feels really good that I made out this morning and I have high hopes I'll make it again tomorrow.

I want to travel. I want to go to Iceland. Or steal a car and go to Scotland. Or go to America. Or anywhere.

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