Tuesday 14 October 2008

late again

Yeah, today I was sitting in my bed at ten, eating ice cream and playing wow, and I shut the game down and put the ice cream in the freezer and brushed my teeth, and thought "Oh! I will transfer pictures from my camera to Mr. Pink! That should only take a couple of minutes!" I was right about that. Then I remembered that I wanted to transfer some music to my mobile. Okay, I realized that would take a few minutes more. But I thought that it would be okay. And now here I am, blogging while files are being transfered, and it's half past eleven. Why you ask? Because my laptop could not live having my telephone connected to it. It totally freaked out and started... behaving. Now, about three reboots later, everything is fine. At least I feel tired. And waiting for the laptop to reboot had a few moments of pure wait, so more tidying! Hooray! The floor is now clearly visible!

I am really not as messy as you would think if you saw my floor a week ago, but the latest few months have been chaotic at best. Yes, months. Seriously months of chaos. It's shaping up now. I spend all my time at home, looking to myself and all my belongings, sorting them like the Swede I am. Organizing my things and my thoughts, yes. deciding what is important to me and what's not.

Well, I still have some time before all those files are finished transfering so I'll treat you to some pic's. Caroline, my boss, took her extremely cute baby daughter to work, and the little wonder just sat there and smiled, and was particularly interested in my hat, so I let her try it on. Here it is, my first hat!

And here it is on me, in Cork, wich is particularly beautiful in the sunset.

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