Tuesday 7 October 2008

I hear your voice

Well then! A last post before I fall asleep. Today I:
  • Worked
  • felt shitty
  • got my big big bag in the post. THANKS MARTIN!
  • bought boots. THANKS MOM! I love them. Haven't wore them yet but I'm sure I'll keep loving them once I do.
  • made the worst food ever. Me and Olof made wok. It was like disgusting porridge. With vegetables in it. I felt sick.
  • ate icecream
  • knitted a bit
  • talked on skype for ages
  • payed the rent
  • payed my phonebill

Great stuff! Tomorrow we're having pancakes with Hannah after work. If I'm well enough to go to work, that is. But seriously, I can't abandon my workmates at a time like this. This is the most chaotic and stressfull work has been in quite some time. Or... It feels that way at least. Maybe because I feel so shitty. I don't know.

For quite some time now, since week 20 or 21 (now is week 41) I've had a project called "Fish of the Week". I think it's time for something new pretty soon. Fish are fun and interesting but you can get tired of even them. So we'll see...

Ginger! Thank you too. You mean so much to me. In so many ways.

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