Monday 20 October 2008

I see the stars I'm chasing crabs on the beach. The sun has set over Durotar and the night is calm. I collect all the slime and eyeballs that I need, and give them to a guy who gives me glue in return. Then I fish for a while.

Thank you Blizzard for letting me forget about my life for a while. No guilt, no schoolwork I'm ignoring, no boyfriend who guilttrips me everytime I give my attention to something else, no cat's I havent fed, no friends I'm not calling. My friends are upstairs playing World of Warcraft. Or in Mexico, getting drunk.

My life is so good in so many ways. I love myself. And I actually do love my life. I get paid. I don't destroy my back and my hands working. I don't get black from smoke and dust and coal every single day.

And also I realized that by playing Horde instead of Alliance I get to play with nicer people.

So I can live with the details that are painful. But I do wish things where different.

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