Friday 17 October 2008

in my blood

Five minutes past midnight. I just got home, brushed my teeth and went and told the neighbours that some of the people in this house actually start working at six. I think we have new neighbours. The old ones have not had one single party since we called the police. After asking nicely to please turn the volume down, telling them in the daytime that they really should try to think about not throwing so loud parties on weekdays, and eventually telling them a bit more firmly to shut the fuck up. About ten or twenty times.

Well, they're back at it. I usually have no trouble sleeping. I should probably try. The two glasses of wine will probably help, as long as they stop shouting just outside my window.

At least the music is pretty good. I think it's mostly The Doors actually. This is one of the reasons I think these neighbours might be new ones; they looked and sounded more Irish and rocker-type-ish. The old ones where really French.

Ooh! Sultans Of Swing!

Today has been a very long day. In every way. Long and heavy. Mutual decisions have been reached and I have worked one and a half hour overtime. No tickets booked. I have to do that tomorrow.

Not going to Lund though.

I feel that this was the right thing to do. Nothing else would have been fair.

Yes, I let him get away.

Did they actually shut up now or are they just changing cd's?

Whatever. I'm going to sleep. I ran this morning, worked all day, had some kind of breakup, worked overtime, had pizza, had wine, walked around, had more wine. My oh my. Sleep now.

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