Saturday 11 October 2008


Today has actually been a truly shitty day, apart from buying some yarn. And that was a five to ten minute experience. The last... four days have been shitty. No, five. I have been feeling physically and emotionally drained the whole week and I still do.

Everything feels wrong and awkward and off.

At least mom seems ok. I really hope she is.

All the time it seems like life is trying to show me that there is no way of knowing anything at all, ever. It is the only firm belief I have. That I know nothing. I know no one. Especially not myself.

"Know thyself" a famous doorway once said. But how?

The neighbours are fighting. The nice ones. In the street. It's friday night and it's late and I'm at home, sober. It's happened before. It must have happened before.

I feel empty.


Anonymous said...

I am ok, thank you for caring! I love you. Mamma

Anonymous said...

Supportive Huggies from plastic Bro!