Monday 21 July 2008

second floor

Nightmares. Yes. But they actually contain other stuff. I dreamt I shot someone. In the head, four entering wounds in the back of the head and four exit wound in the forehead. Small wounds. He didn't die though. He fell to the floor and I ran away with the machine gun. And I turned back. And he smiled at me. Lying on the floor. Not a nice dream.

The dream about the parking lot was much better. And all the other dreams.

Today is not a good day. Endorfines can be helpful but I wish they would last longer. I wish a lot these days. I dream. I try to stop myself. The dreams hurt.

It's my birthday in a couple of days. I got an unexpected birthdaypresent from Henrik yesterday! Cluedo! My favourite game! He didn't really want it so when I asked if I could borrow it he just gave it to me. He is a nice person in my book now. So far, all the birthday presents that I got have been great.

Basically Iv'e only got one thing on my mind right now. Can't really stop thinking about it.

When I come to Sweden I am going to have my old mobile phone number, just so you know, all of you who will want to call me. I arrive in Sweden on the twentythird of august. At around two thirty in the afternoon.

Love you too dad.

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