Monday 7 July 2008

if you say run

Two songs on repeat in my mind right now, David Bowie's Lets Dance primarily. But Boys of Summer by Don Henley as well. (Don Henley from Eagles, yeah.) No particular reason (I always have Boys of Summer on my mind cause it's the best song ever, and Let's Dance is probably Dave's fault for having it as his MSN message).

Happiness comes creeping as well, not only sadness. Sometimes it's really easy to be happy. Sometimes that feeling is so strong, it fills me up and I can't find any words.

Today I got my new bluetooth headset from mytrendyphone, and it's really great! For listening to music on my computer. Thanks a lot. Turns out it's not 100% compatible with my mobile phone, so it works for making and receiving calls but not for listening to music, which is why I bought it. And it works for listening to music on the computer, but not for Skype, which is the second reason why I bought it. Talking on the phone and listening to music on the computer are pretty neat things, but hey. No fun.

Maria is waiting for Olof, who comes home from Sweden tonight, and I just cut Jojo's hair, and now I'm pretty tired, so I'm going to bed.

If I start hoping, really hoping, how can I stop? How can I get the thoughts out of my head? It's starting to feel so real and it's scary but it feels good... It feels so good.

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