Wednesday 16 July 2008

somewhere so far from here

So tonight I'm not at the acoustic show on Crane Lane. With Alabama 3. But I'm ok. It would have been great to see them but I've been so damn tired the last couple of weeks. Seriously, I'm getting a bit annoyed at work. It's so damn much right now, and no one really cares that we're all going to get really tired of it. And not want to do it anymore. I take more calls than anyone else. Last week I took 220. That's quite a lot. Next in line was Maria I think, with 153 or something like that, and she had two days off. My head is pretty empty all the time. Then, around nine-ish, I start waking up, and I have some energy for about an hour. I eat. Then I vegetate for a while, and then sleep.

Not very interesting or sexy or exiting or adventurous. Maybe, one day, it get's better. Maybe, one day, I'll see the world. When I finally get tired of this dirty old town, when I finally realize that if I go through another reset or registration I will definetely loose my mind for real...

Then there is one single thing I want.

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