Wednesday 2 July 2008

Put your phones up in the air!

Oh. My. God.

I saw Massive Attack last night. And it was amazing. Really. And also I bought the skirt.

I want to go on for ages about the concert but it was wonderfull and great and amazing and I was totally blown away and they played all my favourite songs an wow wow wow, WOW. Don't really have so much to say of actual substance.

Or... on the matter of substance I have things to say. Damn! Smoke your weed before the show, not during, please! It's extremely disrespectful to stand in the middle of a large crowd and smoke pot during a whole concert! And my god that little jumping junkie in front of me. Dancing is ok. Jumping back and forth constantly for the whole show, even during the really slow songs like Teardrop, is not ok. Or, I mean, it's ok, it's just that not everyone in the audience popped a million pills before going. So take your extacy after the show! Drug etiquette: think about people around you. They might not enjoy the same things you enjoy. Asshole.

Work has been good today. Lots of routers, wich I like. Amalie has gone home to Denmark and I already really miss her. Ida has gone to Sweden for her vacation leaving Sara in charge, wich works really good! Sara has the powers of administration.

And yeah, the concert was wondertastic.

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