Tuesday 22 July 2008


Seems like I've caught a cold. Finally. Everyone has been sick exept me. Only problem is it sucks being sick! Not that I would miss work very much in particular but I will miss the money. It's not late yet, I will go to bed early, and hope that the rn'r I got today sorted me out so that I'll wake up all well and good tomorrow.

Apart from that... Well, Iv'e got a lot to say. But... Well... What difference does it make? (I remember getting an answer to that question. But still, here I am, no difference.)

So yeah, I guess I should'nt be writing what's on my mind just now.

En doft som berusar mig, gör mig yr.

Amalie is coming back again! Greatness! She'll be here at the same time as Maia, which I think is great... Since they get to meet. And come to my and Ida's party the eight. (And so should everyone else!)

And not many more days now... Soon Maia will be here! Almost just a week! (And a couple of days, but hey.) It will be soooo gooood!

Going to bed now.

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