Tuesday 11 November 2008

garlic and friendship

An interesting fact about this blog is that when someone leaves a comment you get to choose if you want to publish it or not. But it does'nt say what post was commented. I usually don't really care since it's almost only my parents who comment, but today I got a comment from a reader I don't actually know, which is always fun, especially since it's happened like... twice before. So now I just spent about half an hour trying to figure out which post was commented! I backtracked about a year and found nothing! Mysterious! It was in english and I have only been writing in english for about a year so It's weird. The comment was "Well written article!" which does'nt really give me a clue.

Well, I admit, that was not actually very interesting.

Anyhow, more interesting is what we had for dinner today! Wonderful, beautiful lamb! Superb! So I felt it was time for some recipe sharing!

Lamb chops
red wine
fresh rosemary
salt and pepper

Slice the potatoes, put in a pan with oil, a bit of wine, salt, pepper and rosemary and put in the oven for 10-20 minutes (depending on size) on 200 degrees celsius.

Take the pan out and put in pressed garlic and a couple of whole garlic bits, more wine, lamb, lots of rosemary, some more oil, more salt and pepper, some other spices if you feel like it; a bit of chilli maybe, soy sauce, some Worchestershire sauce. Put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Take out and put on quite thin slices of haloumi. Put back in for 5 more minutes.


Now if you feel like it change the times, they are not very exact, and it's really a question of taste and sizes of the ingredients. And you might want to make gravy out of the "sauce" but it's really nice just as it is.

Well. Today I finished knitting two itsy bitsy baby hats, I'll post photos when I remember to, and I bought new knitting needles (the kind with a "cord" between them) and a book with patterns! And some really really beautiful yarn... The same kind as I have in my hat but in other colours. I have a plan of making an oversized turtleneck-ish scarf kind of thing. Can't really explain it but yeah, you know, photos when I remember to take them.

Tomorrow I'm finally making lasagna, me and Maria have been talking about it for ages, and Maria's baking this weeks friday cake. On thursday we have a junta-meeting at Tribes!

And so life goes on...

It's pretty strange, how it's so easy to beleive that friendship is like bone, or like a thick rope, you just know that whatever happens this particular person means so much to you that shit just can't come between you. And then there's misunderstandings and minor fights and frustrations and all of a sudden you realize - he is actually avoiding me. And there's not so much to do. You realize that friendship is like spiderwebs. Complicated, beautiful and easy to break.

Somehow I don't think this is the end of it though. It feels more like we might need some space, and it's probably going to be okay in a while. At least I really really hope so. But to be honest I think the space is good for the both of us. As long as it's not permanent.

In the meantime... so foolish. So foolish of me to think that I could actually "get over" you. Play me soft songs in the middle of the night, climb in through my window, kiss me when I don't expect it. You are all I want.

Listening to: The Be Good Tanyas (new favourites yes) - all of their albums, on shuffle. Oh your god it's good! It's like... Well, like David Eugene Edwards if he was a number of women and not religous, maybe. Like 16 Horspower with a bit of Leonard Cohen and some more folk influences and beautiful lyrics and banjos! (I love banjos.) And, like creamy silky souly and very emotional, longing perfume for my ears these beautiful voices. Sometimes in southern dialects even though theyr'e Canadian.

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Jag älskar också banjo!