Thursday 13 November 2008


Ouch. Wrote a post at work. Never finished it. Saved as draft. FAIL. Nothing saved.

Today was a better day than the last few days! Energy, happyness. Spent a little to much time reading the Failblog. Spent almost fifty minutes on a call with a customer who had a very basic model that she did not touch during the entire call. She was a nice lady but I really did'nt feel like being a psychiatrist today. It was really frustrating. My problem is that I really want to help people. This is not a plus when you work in customer support. It's great for customers but not for me. Or, not for my avarege handling time, at least.

Last night I had a lot of dreams. I dreamt of rats and spiders and I dreamt that I was driving a car from the backseat. Or, I was in the backseat, realizing I was supposed to be driving and the car is picking up speed. This is something I've dreamt many times before, in diferent settings. The major differences was that this time I wasn't alone in the car, it was a quite big car, and I easily managed to reach the break, and the wheel. I stopped the car and even parked it neatly at the side of the road, and got out and walked to the drivers seat.

Now I know that everybody even remotely interested in the hidden (or totally obvious) meanings in dreams go "Oh wow!" right about now, and yeah, symbolically it was pretty neat, and yeah, a feeling of control is definitely more present in my life now than it used to be when I was broke, unemployed and lonely - no big surprises.

The thing was that the car lacked breaks. It had the manual one I pulled in the more emergency-ish situation of driving from the backseat, but it had no real pedal break, exept for something that looked slightly like a peice of cardboard, stuck to one of the wheels.

Anyone feel like analyzing? Please, feel free to explain lots of dead rats and spiders as well. And a relative that appeared, a middle aged man with long hair and a beard. (No Robin, not you, I said middle aged!) He also had a cowboy hat. I think he gave me the car, or lent it to me, or something. (This was not actually a relitive that I have in reality.)

Tribes with Sandra, Maria and Viola was great! Had a couple of glasses of wine, Philly steak cheese, (with bbq sauce, nomnom) and a peice of banoffi pie (delicious cake!) and knitted a lot. Junta is win.

Oh bother. I write like a total nerd. Woe. Woe is me. I blame wine and the late hour. Why am I even still awake?!

Delicious cake!!! (Let me be clear about one thing though - the banoffi pie I had today did not contain bananas, which made it edible to me, since bananas are absolutely disgusting. Also the cream was a bit different from ordinary cream. It was like the cream in southern Swedish "Gräddbullar".)

This post actually failed twice and is now published almost 24 hours after the first version was actually written.

Listening to: When written: Sun Ra. That guy invented new levels of interesting. Basically it's impossible to explain, exept using the words "he is from Saturn". Yes. Saturn. When published: Cowbuy Junkies - The Trinity Session.


Anonymous said...

I see... So I´m an OLD man now, huh?

Kristina said...

No! But you seem to think so yourself... ;p