Monday 10 November 2008

the mondays

Today must have been the slowest monday ever. And since mondays are slower than all other days that makes it the slowest day ever. (Exept from one other day, which was a thursday. But that was still a better day than today.) I had stupid, rude customers, I felt generally stupid, did'nt get stuff done. So tomorrow I'll have a lot of stuff to do.

Which would probably be a good reason to go to bed now, no?

Today I made sweet potato curry for dinner for myself and my nerd family. Sweet potatoes are really good with curry, Just boil em', add whatever you feel like and creme fraiche and lots of curry. Make it spicy with lots of black pepper, chilli and tandoori spice mix.

After dinner we played wow, of course. Me and Olof have started new characters together, a gnome warrior and a dwarf preist. (If you know anything about us, or wow, or preferrably both, you'll probably guess which one was which.)

Best thing today was a long visit to the Quay Co-op with Maria on our way home from work. We found lots of nice stuff! Tea, chocolate, haloumi, potato flour (which we had heard did not even exist on Ireland) and much more. The thing I love about the Quay Co-op is that they cover everything. They have great substitutes for allergic people, whatever you're allergic to, everything is organically grown, they have a lot of locally produced stuff, they have unusual stuff like spelt pasta shaped like the Simpsons and vegan pesto and Dulce de Leche and... Well, potato flour. And a lot of wine! Ten handknitted scarf-points for them.

Speaking of; yesterday I finished my white and green scarf, and I'm really happy with it. (Photos will probably be here sooner or later.) I started knitting a baby hat today.

Now I'm taking my enormous knitted IKEA-blanket and going to bed.

Listening to: A lot of Be Good Tanyas and some Cocteau Twins and a little Regina Spektor but at the moment Kroke - Ajde Jano.

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