Wednesday 5 November 2008


Who would have thought?

In other news: msn chat history reading is sometimes a bit depressing. But it can be a bittersweet kind of thing.

Today was a pretty relaxed day at work but it seems like we have a growing chism-thing going on and I really don't like that. For someone who puts the well-being of the team before her own, egoism is really provocing.

Mom has arrived safely in Brighton.

I cut Marias hair and we're watching Buffy and Angel.

On saturday we're having a small dinner thing, if I did'nt mention that already, and we've been preparing a lot for that.

On friday it's my turn to bring cake to work.

Everything is so structured. Tidy. I keep busy. Keep my mind off... Just off.

A cow has four stomaches without knowing it, so what the hell do I know about life?

Listening to: a lot of Sabbath Hela Veckan, a little bit of Robbie Robertson

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