Thursday, 11 September 2008

who I am

I have been away for almost a year, and now I come back to the place I knew as "home" to visit. When viewed from a distance I can see how this place, my life, has shaped me.

I understand why my friends on Ireland laugh at me and call me weirdo when I meet my closest friends and realize that they are just like me... And we probably shaped each other.

I think a lot about someone. Someone I met exactly one year ago. Someone I hope to meet again soon. Even though I'm kinda nervous about it.

And I think a lot about myself, the way I see myself, the way others see me, my feelings, my power over my feelings. The way I relate to myself and the world and how much everything has changed in one year. Last summer was like... death. Like the end of one life and the beginning of a new one. Rebirth.

I think a lot about my friends. And I think a lot about the people who are, and have been, more than friends.

I guess you know what I think of most, though.

Back to work.

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