Saturday 6 September 2008

off and away

Feels good to be back. Jumped right into the middle of a boiling mass of action. Stuff going on all the time. A bit out of the loop with FFF but quickly getting into the loop again.

Had fika with Tom, Maia and Dan yesterday. Tom is a really, really good, close, old friend. Hanging out with him always makes me happy.

We showed Hell Ride last night, which was fun, if not the most intelectual movie of all times. I think I kinda took charge of the whole thing but it did'nt seem like anyone minded so... We gave away some DVD's and posters and sold membership cards and so. The discussions afterwards where mostly about what there was most of in the movie - tits, bikes, weapons or asses. Great actors though. Dialouge could have been funny but it wasn't, really.

Today I'm gonna hang out with Kalle and go shopping. He was a bit hesistant but I think I might have decided for him. Well, the shops are waiting.

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