Wednesday 10 September 2008

beer and coffee

Well yeah, the bridge. The bridge is where we went after putting the million billion beers in the cabin. It was awesome!

Then we ate lot's of meat. Again. Meat party. Then we went to the cabin where we fell asleep.

We woke up after a while, had coffee, and dragged our million billion beers to the car deck, where we where eventually picked up by a bus, and then we loaded the beers into a car, and then we took it to the office, by carriyng it up the stairs.

We where very good.

Tonight I slept like a bear in hibernation.

Today I went into town and bought coffee at a café where I used to be a regular and I got it for free even though I hav'nt been there for a year... So nice!

And since then I've been sitting in the office. Feels like home, which is a bit bad I guess, but I like it anyways.

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