Thursday 11 September 2008

Baby tour of '08

First of all I'd like to tell you a story. I have this friend - someone who means a lot to me - who sometimes teases me for a small tick I have. I thought it was something that came after the accident since it's in the same place in my face that still hurts.

But last night I met another friend, someone I have'nt met in four years or so, who said "You've changed, but you still have that tick in your face".

No one else have ever commented it. I did'nt even know about it untill a couple of months ago.

So, meeting Martin was great. Felt like old times almost, exept that where we used to talk about the revolution and society we now talked about computers and society.

Soon I'm going up to the office to make a lot of phone calls but first, here's a couple of baby pics.

The bluest eyes in Enköping perhaps? Ylva is a sweet and funny and happy kid. I adore her.

And this little redhead miracle is my baby sister Kajsa. Unfortunately most of the pics of her are a bit out of focus, maybe because she was moving around so much?

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