Wednesday 10 September 2008


Home from a pretty non-eventful trip to Germany. Very tired. Long day. Up at five, walked to the station at about five forty, took a train at six, arrived in Trelleborg at seven forty or something, walked to the boat, took the boat... Uhm... Yeah that's pretty much it I guess. We ate a huge meaty breakfast and played cards (I won in poker big time) and after many hours we arrived in Germany where we bought a million billion beers. And wine and vodka and lot's of stuff. Then we walked back to the boat and loaded all the stuff into the cabin that we had for the ride home, and then we went up to the part of the ship where the captain drives. Ehm. I bet it's not called drives but I'm really a bit to tired to write. I don't even know why I'm doing this right now.

Well, going to bed. Maybe a better story tomorrow.

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the bridge dear