Monday 8 September 2008

be exelent to each other

Just saw Bill and Ted's Exelent Adventure with Maia (and Dulce de Leche, best ice cream ever, well worth fifty crowns...) and it was great, of course. Going to watch Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey at some point as well. But not tonight, because tomorrow I'm going to Germany with Lars, Emmy and Lars' friend to buy lots of beer and alcohol for FFF.

Today was pretty calm. Chilled out. Had vacation. Then I went to town, had coffee with Hannah and Maia and went up to the FFF-office where I did some minor administrative stuff.

A pic from friday, when I was shopping with Kalle. Maia joined us for a beer later. Than me and Maia went out for dinner. Now her bangs are shorter because I cut them before the movie.

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