Wednesday 28 November 2007

being a settler

Sooo. (As the Irish say all the time. Or Okey sooo.) Today is my third day at work. We are a great team of new people, there's seven or eight of us, most french but not all. Today we are learning about cordless phones. I find it more interesting than I expected. I realized yesterday that my job will be making people happy. That's a good thing. Helping them with technical difficulties yes, but by doing so and doing it in an as proffessional way as possible also making them happy. Brightening up their day a little bit.

Anyone feel like visiting? Than bring me Kalles Kaviar, a cheesecutter (osthyvel) and pages for my filofax in Swedish. Thank you.

I dream weird stuff. Last night I dreamt I was a man and my name was Ikaros. (I wasn't a Ikaros och the Ikaros, it was just my name.) I wore a white mask. Something happened that forced me to learn to fly. It was dark and it hurt to fly, I had no wings, just my own will. It was hectic, the birchtrees around and then below me like shimmering shadows moving quickly in the dusky light. Then I woke up.

Yesterday I looked at a room. It was extremely small and very expensive. Today me and three others (Nicolai from Denmark, Gael and Axelle from France) are looking at a house.

I'm also going to get a bankaccount.

Food here is really expensive! There are no cooking facilities at the b&b so it's fastfood (expensive and disgusting) or sandwitches.

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