Thursday 29 November 2007


So, today will have two blogposts. That is because I had no chance to publish yesterday's post yesterday, I had to wait untill today and I was to lazy to change it.

Well, since yesterday following has happened: Me, Nicolai, Axelle, Gael and Louis went to look at the house and we liked it a lot! So we are moving in wednesday! (Not Axelle but me, Nico and Gael. Louis doesn't know yet, but if he doesn't want the room maybe Kira does. We'll see.)

To celebrate we drank beer. French people are insane, so lots of beer.

Today I am invited to a birthdaydinner for one of the swedish girls.

Ah, more to come. Now I am to tired to write more.

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Jopa said...

Det aer verkligen skitkul att laesa detta. Shit fun. Funkar det med staalar och saa?