Sunday 25 November 2007

It's like I died and went to Ireland

Okay, today I haven't done much. Watched tv, went out, followed my gutfeeling and found a really nice little pub. There are lots of foreigners here, I don't know why. People from Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Poland, France... And the Irish speak their own language a lot of the time. So it feels like English just happens to be a language that most people know a bit of, not the language of the place. Not the primary one, just the one people communicate in.

I realized my batterycharger for my cell (wich is actually called mobile here) does'nt work here. I have to find some kind of converter. (Or just a new phone, cause I probably have to anyways.)

Now I'm going back to my b&b. Tomorrow I start working and I have to find a place to stay quickly.

Reading: Gaiman's American Gods, finally. Thanks to Joakim who lent it to me. It's great.

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