Tuesday 10 February 2015

The deeper you dig

The more crap you find.

So... Starting out thinking I want "natural" products for my outsides lead to a whole lot of reading. As mentioned. And the tired realization that everything is "natural". Aluminum is super duper natural. Chemicals are natural and things that you find in your fridge might work great but only because they too are actually chemicals. Or at least contain them. 

Yes yes I know this is obvious to people who paid any attention in school but I most certainly did not. I was busy. 

I still don't trust schampoos more than I trust doctors or teachers - or the internet - and I still want to make the things I put on my body. And in them. Except booze. I might be a hippie but moonshine seems like a complicated thing to make. 

So: next experiment will be washing my hair with eggs and making deodorant using mostly things that are kind to skin and "naturally" anti-bacterial, like lavender and tea tree oil. Also some creams and lip stuff, because that's so simple it just feels silly to buy it made. Like buying a knitted sweater or something. 

The whole body odour/sensitive skin/shaving/bacteria-thing is insane, deodorants seem to make internet people go completely nuts. Everyone has extreme amounts of opinions. I feel like anti-perspirants, while maybe not super dangery, is unnecessary for me personally. So is shaving. If you where wondering. I'm sure you where. So as soon as I have a wee bit of eterial oils I'm going to make deodorant for myself, and then not tell strangers on the internet that they should do the same. Seriously, the amount of stupid comments on "no poo"-blogs... "Hey I'm bleeding from my eyes and my skin is falling off and I'm also completely lame now, should I put more carrot seed oil in my Chapstick?" NO. You should seek medical attention, not ask a blogger who knows pretty much nothing! If you have problems with using home made anything, ask science people! Not internet people! Jesus Buddha cupcake, even if doctors are pure evil fuckmaggots they actually went to school and learned things. Random bloggers can not fix your problems. Even if they are dermatologist witches who are actually magical for real they won't be able to tell you what to do if your fucking armpits are itchy. 

Deep breath. 

I'm going to do the dishes now. And then I'm going to do my best to live in a way that does as little harm to me as I can. And hopefully other people, other living creatures and above all the environment. Nature. The great mother. The source of all life. Bees. The universe. Whatever. 

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