Saturday 14 February 2015

Retire to my chambers

I haven't managed to leave the apartment for days. Hardly even my room. Tuesday I was at the shrink. Apart from that I've been trying to make myself do things - go get my bike fixed, just around the corner or one of the other simple errands that I should, or even fun things that I actually want to do, I was invited to two different parties today! - but I'm mentally crippled, and even tho I can feel pretty good at times I just can't force myself to get out and do things. Even if I wake up at nine and have all day to do a thing, the fact that I need to do it within a specific timeframe just makes it impossible. I try to think in more steps than one; get dressed, eat food, get ready - won't work. I start out doing one of the things I need to do but then I get confused and loser my train of thought. 

Now it's past four. Goodnight. 

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