Friday 20 February 2015

days that end in y

So it is friday evening. It's nine. I feel alone and forsaken by the world. But mostly I just had a weird evening nap and feel confused now. (Here I almost wrote 'fell awake'.) Woke up early this morning and did stuff all day! Yay me! What I did (a shorter list than the last one):

  • I washed my hair. This time with one egg, a bit of coconut milk, honey and cinnamon. Delish! Also my hair is pretty curly now.
  • I washed the floors.
  • I finished the white thread for my current yarn project. Just one more spindle-skein-thing of blue left.
  • I finished watching season one of Utopia.
  • I put makeup on my face and went outside! I went to a crap art exhibition opening. Not really that crappy art, or, well, design? A couple of nice pieces of furniture. And free dumplings, so HEY! Then I went home and fell asleep.
I kinda hate being poor and friendless on fridays. I want to get dressed up and get messed up. But I've been wanting that for days. Actual friends aren't central to the equation. Money turning into booze turning into intoxication is what I want. The cathartic thing.

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