Thursday, 30 July 2009

where does the good go?

Oh, I'm okay. Momentarily I get angsty - I am standing at the crossroads, there's this big change right ahead of me, I'm in transit and whatever, but I'm pretty much okay.

I just really miss some people. Most of my friends in Sweden I'm hoping on seeing pretty soon and I know the little pinch of pain when I think of the first couple of months with Joe will feel less painful in a couple of weeks.

I miss Ida.

Otherwise I'm reading the last Harry Potter book, and it's extremely scary and stuff is happening and... stuff. At the moment I'm eating end-of-the-month-dinner; pasta with leftover blue-cheese-sauce that Maria made the other day. Delicious if not a very big dinner.

Listening to: My Playlist - at the moment Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire

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