Thursday 23 July 2009

just one more day

Woooooo tomorrow I'm 25!

Some last minute tips: I want pretty much anything from this shop.

So I haven't been posting in ages I know. I have been trying but I got a total blogger's block. Blocker. Well. Nothing very interesting has happened but I'll update you on what's been going on anyways:

I have been working, as usual. It's okay.

I am pretty poor this month. I will probably be poor next month too. It sucks. I can't really do stuff.

Joe and I went to see Baby Gramps on sunday. He was a genius. A very old genius.

I saw Harry Potter on sunday as well. The latest movie. It was scary and sad and good.

I put in a contraceptive implant yesterday. It didn't hurt even though the syringe was as big a a pen. Hurts now though.

Sandra comes to cork on sunday and that's like the best thing ever.

I miss Sweden a lot. I miss my cat's. Jupiter needs a new home, maybe I won't ever see him again. This makes me almost cry.

The doctor gave me nasal spray for my snoring. Hope it helps.

So I think that is pretty much it. Tonight me and Hannah are going to see a Swedish movie and eat Swedish pea soup today.

The end.

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