Saturday 25 July 2009


So I should definitely be cleaning the house but I accidentaly got stuck in front of the computer! Oh no! Who would have thought!?

I started reading my old web-diary. Not blog, web-diary. From before blogging. And man, I was funny and outspoken and honest and deep and verbal in 2003. So much happened that year it's hard to believe! I dropped out of school, drank too much, was too young, moved to Italy, got back, moved to Malmö, moved back to my Mom - again - started working as a blacksmith, met Johnny, one of the funniest boyfriends I ever had, and a thousand other things. The funniest thing about this is that I never wrote about anything that actually happened, I only wrote about my own feelings, all the time. But the present me - back then, the future me - understands what eighteen-year-old-me meant.

This diary was kept for very many years and can be found at Helgon. You do have to be a member though. If you are, and you want to read it, my username there is CookieKitten, of course. Helgon is a community, I have been very active there in my youth but I'm old now and I don't log on very often, just keeping track of a couple of friends who havn't yet actualized the transition to Facebook/blogs/real e-mail.

Okay, I should take a break from reading (and copying to my PC) old diary posts I guess. And get dressed and go do something with my boyfriend.

Listening to: My Playlist at Spotify (got a couple of invites if it's needed!)

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