Monday 2 March 2009

dead children

Always the theme of all my worst nightmares. I'm starting to wonder if I have some kind of supressed, extremely bloody childhood memories.

So; the dream: I'm in some kind of tropical paradise with my mom. We are for some reason taking care of these three troubled little kids. The sun is shining very brightly, it's really hot, there's a lot of sand around, but not in a desert-y way. Were outside some kind of trainstation, 'cause were going somewhere with these kids. I'm thinking there's been a war or something, maybe they lost their parents. Well. Enter three other kids, starting with the classic ghost twin girls. They look like the girls from The Shining only a couple of years older. And... not so scary. These might or might not be "our" kid's sisters. My mom cant see them and I find this amusing. They, and their younger brother, who is blonde, start hanging out around us. Not really with us but they approach us sometimes. I urge "our" kids to be careful, but they are anyways. They are extremely reluctant to talk to anyone.

It might not be a trainstation, it might be a bus station. Anyways we're sitting on the ground, waiting, outdoors, in the sun. Laughing at the ghost twins who run around and play and fight and behave generally loud and amusing. They start fighing over a song, and one of them runs off. This is where the dream changes. The details are a bit hazy. I think mom got away with the kids, but I'm inside the station house and there's blood everywhere, and lot's of stuff happens, but towards the end it's just too late, I've been to slow, I've tried to save everyone else and now all of a sudden me and this guy called Lawrence are the only ones left alive and there are zombie children everywhere and they are not really decaying and slow, they are more like the insane running living dead and we climb on to a desk and are just about to climb up somewhere when I realize that there's a zombie walking towards the big glass doors just a few metres away, and a lot of them coming towards the other big glass doors at the other end of the station house, but we can still make it, and then one climbs in through a window or something right next to us and we wont both make it it's too late, it's impossible, and all the blood, the red red blood, in the sunshine, and the small, confused children, covered in blood, empty, dead eyes. I wake up with my heart beating so hard I thought it was going to crack my ribs. 

Now it's thirty minutes later and my alarmclock has already managed to ring twice. Work starts in an hour. 

Oh and by the way; Lawrence was very good looking and funny. 

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