Sunday 8 March 2009


This past week could have been the worst of my life. Yes. Really. Everything has been awful. Working six to three and everything has f***ed up at work. There has been a constant qeue of calls all the time. New problems every day. On thursday I managed to stay awake and see Milk, which was a very very good film, but apart from that I've mostly been sleeping when I'm not working. Between friday and saturday around twelve hours. Saturday me and Maria went shopping a bit and then we went to Dan's b-day party at night. We didn't stay for long which felt a bit bad but we were both insanely tired. Today; painting.

Also I had a lot of strange dreams tonight. I dreamt of a talking monkey and a crow flying backwards in the sunrise. And lot's of other things. 

Listening to: DrĂ¥paren (A Maze of Death) by Philip K Dick on audio book.

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