Thursday 19 March 2009

person of the week

Awlrite! This week gets a person.

Jodie Foster. She recently came out and that is so cool. So GO Jodie! She lives with her girlfriend of fourteen years and their two sons. I just wanted to note this since I think she's absolutely awesome, beautiful, and a fantastic actress.

In other news my tickets for Sweden are all booked and rebooked and finally everything is as it should and I'm going back to that place that I might call home maybe, in just a couple of weeks! Feels good. Going to try to see everyone I know in two weeks. I will fail but I really want to.

I have plans of purchasing an MP3-player. So... That's pretty intresting. For me. And also... time flies by and I have no idea what's going on and as the days grow longer and daylight actually is something I experience on a regular basis I still seem to have less and less time for anything. Like blogging, which might be noticable.

Well. Gotta work some.

Listening to: The ramblings of Johan mostly.

*EDIT - When I say recently I actually mean a couple of years ago. Haha. I'm totally slow. Go Jodie either way.

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