Monday 2 March 2009

ooh, shiny

Hehe. Hehe. 

Twilight: Something for the emos, something for the furries. 

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Painted a lot today. Feels good. Bad when I forget important stuff like bathroom cleaning and the world but it's a very special feeling, painting. Not like writing, where every word means so much. A picture means something to me. Words do to but you know the difference. I like writing. I have to write, I write way more than I paint, my soul is black and white, words, words. 

Painting feels like laughing with my hands, with colours. (Vermilion like fire!)

Oh please. Writing about writing. That's so... Meta. Metawriting. I take it all back. (Haha, writing about painting is just as bad. How can anyone possibly describe a picture in words?)

Listening to: Regina Spektor - Us

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